Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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Prescription drug savings card -FREE-

Delta Health & DoctorsonDemand.com issue a FREE prescription drug savings card to every patient who completes a consultation. The FREE Rx savings card will typically save you 20%-40% on most medications.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

DoctorsonDemand.com is convenient healthcare

DoctorsonDemand.com has physicians for chronic pain management patients looking for a new long term physician and continued care of their painful condition without monthly trips to the clinic. Our physicians only write for Schedule III & Iv medications if warranted. Schedule III medications may include Lortab, Vicodin, Vicodin Es, Lortab 10/650 Hydrocodone) while schedule IV medications may include Soma,Flexiril or Ibuprofen 800.

Our Medical Weight Loss physicians will treat your condition with limited office visits and effective weight management. Although every patient is unique our physicians have an excellent medical weight loss program which includes APPETITE SUPRESSANTS (Phenterimine or Adipex), diet & exercise.

Our Psychiatrist/Mental Health Physicians treat every patient with the care and attention they deserve. Our Physicians understand patients cannot always take time off work or get a baby sitter for the kids in order to make a monthly office visit to pick up a script for their ADD or ADHD. Most physicians typically either post date the next few refills or mail the Rx to the patient on the appropriate refill date. Patients taking Ritalin or Aderrall usually take if for years and there is little reason for waiting at the doctor office for a refill.

New physician specialties added

Exciting News !!

DoctorsonDemand.com has expanded our network of physicians. With the same great service and excellent physicians as before but now we help patients with the following conditions:

Mens Health
Pain Management
Medical Weight Loss

Please visit www.DoctorsonDemand.com for complete details

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